From The Q - A Demo Album

by William Hewson

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Verse 1: We start off bare And what's up there? And it all means something But all we know is nothing When I get scared I try to breath I face the wind completely And say, 'you won't defeat me' That's how I know I'm alive Chorus: We build tomorrow We start off tonight We build tomorrow We do it, for the sake of our lives Verse 2: When you're not here I feel the fear I know I'll overcome it Reach yet another summit A love to much to bear We're out of time I want more than I can be Sojourners gonna journey That's how we know we're alive
Verse 1: That's when I knew that I would cry And then I feared that we'd all die That's when it all comes back to you And in the end what we must do And when we wonder what it means Sometimes nothings all it seems But if we dig for what is real That's when the truth becomes surreal Chorus: And I'll never forget And they'll ever regret What they didn't do And I'll always be true Like there's red, white, and blue Just as we learned in school Verse 2: And when they tell us who they are We should take heed and look not far For if their soul is empty now They will never wonder how Though we won't beat them at their game We can evolve and raise the plane That's when our spirit grows immense And we tear down their last defense And I'll never forget And their ever regret What they didn't do And I'll always be true Like there's red, white, and blue Just as we learned in school
Verse 1: Bad man &%$#@ing us up Doctors back him up We're running out of time Disease spread to the mind Chorus And there ain't two ways about it And there ain't two ways about it No no no, yeah yeah yeah Verse 2: Facts are in dispute Forgotten disrepute He wants us begging mercy And people say, "We'll see,"
Verse 1: Come to find, I don't know anything What comes to mind? Many things, many things There's always something in the way, hey hey hey Now and then, I'm on a run to the end But then again, some things I cannot defend I'll keep on searching unknown ways, hey hey hey Chorus: But when the stars come out tonight, gonna getchya in the moonlight When the dogs (are) howling at the moon, (you're) gonna make me wanna croon Verse 2: There comes a time, when you are alone If you draw a line, make it in stone Even cowboys need a friend, eh eh eh Whelp and yup, I lost again But do I know what's up? Hell yes we can We'll all meet again one fine day, hey hey hey Bridge: It was free It was love It was free It was love
Verse 1: The Days and The Weeks Go By And now I don't believe I'll fly The way that it all turned out Makes you wonder what it's all about I am body, personality, but there's something else... Chorus: I want a win-win for the world I hope that we can all grow old I wanna bless the whole wide world Imagine what we could behold Verse 2: They're playing with the world on fire But we'll rebuild what they turn dire I never will join their side So think o' that when you decide We are trees, we breathe in evil, and we exhale love... Bridge: I bet you have a dream for change I bet you feel you're locked in chain I bet you know it's really shame And I know and I know and I know we can do it...
When days are all lugubrious No one will ever believe they were this salubrious We are not striving for our best Leaving to turmoil, all that's blessed Free fall is our wake up call Impending doom our motive booms House of horror is an illusion Horror is our friend Fear and faces and masks, get to the other side Imagine nirvana, a cocktail of mana, and make it so Imagine nirvana, a cocktail of mana, and make it so Their evil is a motivator The worse they are the better we get Tether to their inverse and tap a new source We are flowers blossoming Now's the time, to change the _ I am coming out of my shell We're very curious, we're very curious


released June 1, 2020


all rights reserved



William Hewson New York, New York

tiktok: williamhewson0

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